This is a 5 year old Red Sided  male Eclectus. He whistles, Dances and talks. He comes with an indoor cage, Outdoor cage, carrier cage and toys. He is currently still living with his current owner but needs a new home as their living conditions have changed not allowing them to continue to keep the bird. Call the store for details if you are interested. 



REHOMED 2/27/2018

A room mate situation of a 7 year old cockatiel and a 1 year old parakeet - Cage and toys included

We currently have several birds for rehoming. Stop by the store to visit them and inquire about the requirements for rehoming. They are all older and need an experienced bird handler to care for them. 

This is a Jardine Parrot. We do not know know age of it but it is in good health and somewhat friendly. If you are looking for a little bit of an older bird with beautiful coloring this may be the right choice for you. 

Re Homing:  Means the birds are not babies and have been living in a home and now need a new home because the circumstance have changed with the current owner and they can no longer care for the bird(s). Many of the reasons for rehoming include but are not limited to as we always hear a new story, Death of the owner, marriage to a non pet lover, forced to move to an area such as a condo that does not allow pets.
NOTICE: Most birds that are re homed are NOT friendly and usually are older and will require an experienced person that has worked with birds to "Tame" and work with the bird. This requires time and patience. Re homing is NOT a way to get a cheap friendly bird. In some rare cases the birds are friendlier and will not need as much retraining as others. 



This is a very sweet white eyed conure. This lovely bird is very friendly and full of life. We do not know the age of it. If you are looking for a gentle older bird this may be a good fit for your family




We currently have lots of bird that need a home that are not listed here. Please stop in the shop to visit them and possibly give them a home. 


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Take a look at this georgeous 20 +/- year old Congo African Grey. This guy has brilliant color and a huge vocabulary of words. Stop by to have a chat with him - Cage and toys included



The below birds are currently in the store and need a home. They are not free. There is a cost to the new owners to purchase the birds.

Rehoming policy:

If you have a bird you no longer can care for. Please contact us immediately. We want to make sure we do everything in our power to ensure that all birds are getting the attention they need. We do not buy birds from anyone except our database of reputable breeders. However if you have a bird you can not care for any longer please contact us to see if we would be interested in taking the bird into our facility to find a new home for it or keep it here at our location. You will be required to sign a release of custody form if we do take the bird in for you. 

A pair of sweet Sun Conures need a new home. Stop in today to meet them and maybe take them home with you. Cage and toys included