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Everything For The Birds in Fort Lauderdale


Too many times we hear the horror stories of bird owners that have lost their bird due to it flying away or loosing it's life to an in home accident. Birds are HYPER SENSITIVE to a lot of things we just don't think about as being harmful.  Birds breath 7 times as much air as humans. If something is offensive to our nose it is probably taking the breath away from your bird. Things that are pleasant to our nose may also be toxic to your feathered friends.

The bottom line is, Is your home bird friendly?

I have put togather a list of things to be aware and cautious of below to help you keep your feathered friend as safe as possible. This is NOT an all inclusive list as I am sure there are many more precautions that need to be taken that may not be mentioned here. 

We also have a list of good and bad food for your bird at the store. Please ask for a copy when you come in.

If you want your bird to be able to fly around your home which is common, especially for the smaller bird owners such as Parakeets, Counures and Quakers, that is fine but you must make sure your bird is going to survive his journey around your home. Even if your bird does not fly there are numerous precautions you must take to ensure your birds safety. 

  • Make sure ALL ceiling fans and other fans are off. A bird that hits a ceiling fan can break its neck, wing, leg, or have its ribs smashed by the blades on the fans. 

  • If you are spraying anything, Pesticide, hairspray, oven cleaner move your bird to another location and do not spray around the cage at all. If you need to spray something around the cage remember, over spray will get on the cage, the bird will use it's beak to climb the cage and ingest the poison and be dead within hours. Recently someone came looking for a new bird because they sprayed oven cleaner in their oven and then turned on the automatic oven cleaner setting on the stove. Their bird was dead a few hours later. 

  • Electrical cords are your feathered loved ones worst enemy. Birds love to chew on whatever they can get their beak on. One bite into an electrical cord and your bird will most likely need mortuary services. If you let your bird walk around PLEASE keep an eye on it.

  • Make sure all foods that are toxic to the birds are put away. We also have a list of good and bad food for your bird at the store. Please ask for a copy when you come in.

  • Make sure your stove is not hot. A bird that lands on a hot stove will never be the same if it lives.

  • Make sure all chemicals are put away. This includes cleaning materials, soaps, detergents for dishes and laundry.

  • Be acutely aware of your birds location at all times. If your bird is flying to you and your child or spouse or someone comes into your home from the outside, your bird might just take off out the open door as they are coming in not realizing the bird is out and about.

  • Birds will eat through screens within minutes. Make sure your bird is not left unattended in a screened in area. 

  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals on the floors, walls or especially the birds cage. The fumes from these things are extremely harmful to your feathered friends. Make sure your home is ventilated with open doors and windows (Make sure your bird is secure) if you use things such as bleach, Pine Sol, Endust and other chemicals that put off toxic odors.  WE HAVE BIRD SAFE CAGE CLEANING SUPPLIES HERE IN THE STORE.

  • The scent from scented candles can and will intoxicate and kill your bird if they inhale enough of the scent. Even if the candle is in another room. Avoid lighting scented candles in the house.

  • Make sure you do not keep your bird in the garage. The garage is full of vapors and odors from things such as paint, cleaners, Gas fumes from gas cans for your lawn equipment and worse of all, exhaust fumes from your car if you are one of the few people that actually use your garage for your cars and not just an in home storage facility.

  • Pet saliva can be toxic to birds. Do not allow your bird around your other pets unless very closely supervised and even at that it may not be worth the risk.

  • Burnt food and charcoal/lighter fluid odors are also toxic to birds as well as the overheating of teflon pans. If you are using a teflon coated pan and you burn something, Make sure you ventilate your home immediately and remove the bird from the odors as they are toxic to your birds. 

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