We are a bird only pet store located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We have been rescuing birds for several years as the only animal in the world that can understand us and literally talk to us is among the highest poached and abused animals in the world. A dog or cat or other animal has the luxury of dieing in 8-10 years of abuse because that is the average lifespan of most cats and dogs. For birds, they do not have that luxury. They live up to 80 years going from one abusive home to another until they end up in a shelter battered and abused and forgotten about. We are a for profit store but the overhead of caring, housing and feeding the birds we are able to take in outwieghs the profit part. Caring for abandon and abused animals is a 24/7 365 labor of love. Being that we have a physical location, many times I come to work to find cages of animals left on my front door step with notes saying things like, please take good care of them, referring to a bird that has self mutilated its self because of the stressful environment it came from. Or please dont eat them, or we are sorry but we have no other choice than to leave them here or let them go in the wild. All we are asking is that instead of handing a buck to the homeless drunk on the corner who does not want to play by societies rules, though some homeless are in need I agree, please help us take care of the most magnificent creatures on earth that are not by choice, 100% dependent on us. Thank you in advance and if you are in the area please feel free to stop in the shop to see the flock. 2890 N Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale Florida 33311

This is an African Gray, The most requested bird from folks. Yet this girl was brought to me weighing almost half it's correct weight and with very few feathers left. This bird was starved almost to death and as a result of that and I'm sure lack of any other attention has plucked herself bald. This photo is 3 weeks after I received the bird and it has twicw the feathers it had when I received it. It is also much heavier and healthier. The call went like this, I have an African Gray and I travel a lot. As a result he is starting to pluck and I feel he needs to be in an environment where he gets a little more attention. 



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