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We offer professional grooming in our in house "Tickle Me Feathers Spa". We use sanitized utensils and clean towels. 

We are experienced groomers of all sizes of birds using all the latest technology to ensure the safety of your bird. 

Grooming includes:

Wing trimming to prevent full flight

Nail manicuring

Beak point removal and shaping

Also available:
Weight and Temperature measurements 

For The Birds Reserves the right to refuse grooming services to any bird that we feel in our soul discretion appears ill or appears to be suffering from an abnormality that we fell may become more severe as a result of grooming or may bring disease to the store

Facts you should know about grooming:

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of For The Birds bird grooming in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors. 
Grooming is a VERY stressful encroachment on a birds peace of mind. Birds have been known to have heart attacks and die from the stress. However, grooming is a necessary task if you are going to keep your bird housed in a domestic setting. Birds that are kept in an unnatural environment need to be cared for as they do not have the coping skills or the natural habitat to keep their nails groomed. Clipping their wings is for the benefit of the bird. If a domesticated bird fly's away it will most likely be taken advantage of by the wildlife that knows how to survive and the result would most likely not be favorable to your pet. Birds allowed to fly have also been know to be fatally injured by hitting ceiling fans and landing on hot stoves or flying into glass.

With that said, the techniques used to groom a bird are meant to reduce the stress to the bird and the owner as much as possible and protect the bird and the groomer. 

1) When you bring your bird for grooming please make sure it is in a travel carrier. If your feathered friend has not been groomed for a while he/she may just take off on you. If there are other birds in the room they may begin to attack each other as well.

2) While your bird is being groomed it is best if you let the groomer take the bird from the floor or its carrier and not from the owners body. Many times the friendlies bird will be scared by the attempt to take it from the owner and it may bite the owner or the groomer.  

3) Birds are wrapped in a towel for many reasons. Birds feel a sense of comfort by nature when wrapped in a towel though some do freak out at the site of the towel and do not cooperate. The towel helps to keep the birds wings close to its body so it can not use them to push away and cause harm to themselves or the groomer during the grooming process.

4) A bird that does not sit still during the grooming process will be most stressed. I monitor the birds breathing patterns and body language throughout the process and though most are breathing very hard which is natural during the process, If the bird continues to not cooperate I may give it a break and let it out of the towel to catch it's breath. Again, over stressing a bird could cause a heart attack, or cause the bird to have a seizure. A bird that is wiggly and squirmy the entire time will take longer and when the bird is done he/she may even be a bit exhausted panting a little with its tongue flickering back and forth. This is not uncommon and the bird just needs a moment to settle down, just as if we were to be wrapped in a towel, held down and tried to fight our way out for several minuets. We too would be panting and out of breath. We try to reduce this stress as much as possible by working as quickly as possible without injuring the bird and again sometimes letting the bird loose to give it a break before finishing. 

5) Nails - The nails are groomed with either a rotary file or clippers just like a humans nails. It is dangerous to use a rotary file on small birds as their toes are very small and delicate and the slightest movement of the bird could cause it to get serously injured suffering from a broken toe or foot or laceration from the rotary tool. I like to use the clippers on small birds when possible to avoid any risk of injury to the bird though sometimes the rotary tool can be used if the bird is very cooperative. Larger birds have much stronger toes and can handle the rotary tool better.  Nails should have a little curve to them when done being groomed and should have a slight bit of roughness at the tip to them so that the bird can still be able to hold on to the perch or you without falling off. Sometimes a  nail will bleed as there is a vein that runs inside the nail of birds. This is very common and the bleeding is stopped with styptic.

6) Wings - A birds wing Feathers are cut at different lengths depending on the size and weight of the bird. The Flight feathers are the main concern when clipping a birds wings. On large macaws and cockatoos clipping 4-5 of the end flight feathers will usually stop the bird from being able to fly, While a smaller and lighter bird such as a Quaker or Counure are much more difficult to determine the amount of wing feather to cut. It is key that a blood feather is not cut as feathers are like straws and if a blood feather is accidentally cut a bird can very quickly bleed to death as they do not have much blood to begin with. 
When cutting the wings of any bird, you want to cut them short enough that the bird can not fly but yet is able to glide a little so that if it does attempt to fly it can glide to the floor and land safely as opposed to just dropping to the floor because the wings were cut too short and smacking its breast bone on the floor causing injury or death. 
It is not uncommon for a smaller bird to still be able to fly immediately after it is groomed. If your bird such as a conure or cockatiel try to fly and it catches a slight bit of wind in its favor it will help give the bird enough lift to take off. However the bird will not be able to maintain consistent flight as some of its feathers are clipped and you should be able to recapture your bird if you keep a close eye on it. Grooming a small birds wings is not a science but more of a guess that enough wing has been removed to prevent flight without removing too much of the feathers and causing injury or deformation to the bird. 

7) Beak - The beak also has a vein in it. The beak should be kept from curling under the lower beak so that the bird does not injure its self and is able to eat properly. The beak and nails grow just like our nails. 
There are a number of items you can put in your cage to help your bird to groom him/herself including gravel paper, Rough perches such as calcium perches. Birds will use these to file their nails and beak. Not all birds will take to them though. Wings are still needing clipped though if you are going to keep the bird from flying. 

Typically your bird will need groomed every 6 - 8 weeks. In some rare instances birds will need groomed more often as they have quick growth of the nails and feathers. Others may only need groomed every 8-10 weeks as they are not producing excess nail and wing feather growth as rapidly as most.

I know you have options for your grooming needs and I want you to know that we personally care for over 100 birds at this time. Many of which  have been acquired from re homing situations. We are very experienced in the grooming techniques of the different breeds of birds as we have been grooming our own flock for many years as well as having other professionals help us including veterinarians who have helped teach us proper techniques as we work closely with them to ensure the well being of all birds we encounter. We have everything from the smallest of the avian species being canaries and finches to the largest of the species being the Hyacinth Macaw. We have 7 different breeds of cockatoos, 13 different breeds of Macaw's including many hybrids and 4 different breeds of amazons and we have several of each breed. Most of which are our pets and all very friendly and talk.  You can meet many of them when you visit the store as we always have some of them hanging out. 
Many that know us throughout the industry have commented on the amazing sight of such a large and diverse flock being so healthy.

When you bring your bird to us for grooming, your bird is receiving the best quality and most loving care possible from a very experienced and qualified groomer. We value you and your feathered friends the same way we do our own family and flock and thank you again for supporting


Tuesday through Saturday - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday - 1200 noon to 4:00 pm

Grooming Rates:

Large bird: (Macaw, Cockatoo) - $18.00

Medium Bird: ( African Grey, Amazon...) - $14.00

Small Birds: (Conure, Quacker.....) - $12.00


 Rewards are given for 3 sizes of birds - small - medium - large. Bird size is determined by the breed. If you have several birds, each bird will receive its own program card. 

Store Hours: 

Sunday: 12:30 - 5:00 pm
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Sunday: 12:30 - 4:00 pm
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