Today's activities at the"Happy Wings Resort" include:

8:00 am - Breakfast A la Cart

11:00 am - Parrot vollyball in the South Court           

Noon - Lunch - Favorites from our chefs collection      

2:00 pm - Conure crafts(all are welcome)
5:00 pm - Dinner served on the veranda - Please bring your own perch      

7:00 pm - Birdie bingo ( You must have a beak and wings to play)        

9:00 pm - Lights out - Good night everyone

Daily maid service includes turning down the sheets and changing soiled linens, Cleaning the beverage container and replacing the beverage twice daily, dusting the room, Replenishing the food once daily or as needed. 

Concierge service upon request

Room Service Menu:

Millett - $1.00

Yogurt Dipped Sunflower seeds- $.50

Nutriberry - $.25

Orange Juice - $1.00

Dried Fruit - $1.50



If you do not bring food for your feathered family member we have an open buffet every day. Your feathered loved one will be served choice foods selected by the in house chef at the "Happy Wings Resort".  Buffet price is $3 per day


2890 N Andrews Ave Wilton Manors Florida 33311
​Phone: 954-566-2473

​Bird Boarding in Fort Lauderdale

 Check out the new facility in the video above

Everything For The Birds in Wilton Manors offers bird boarding in Fort Lauderdale. We board all birds in our in house newly remodeled "Happy Wings Resort" in Wilton Manors. We are the only naturally lit facility in South Florida with large windows. The facility is over 1000 sqft of air conditioned space with daily, sometimes more, maid service, food prepared by our avian culinary experts and roomy clean sanitized escape resistant cages for your birds protection. Boarding is a daily rate from midnight to midnight. You are responsible to provide toys for your birds stay and food. We offer refrigeration for your birds fruits and cold items. If you pick up your bird before NOON there will be no charge for that day. 

For The Birds Reserves the right to refuse Grooming or Boarding services to any bird that we feel in our soul discretion appears ill or appears to be suffering from an abnormality that we fell may become more severe as a result of grooming or boarding or may bring disease to the store

Birds must be picked up on the agreed check out date. If you are not going to be able to pick your bird up on the agreed date you must notify us in advance. We will attempt to contact you once your bird has overstayed the agreed time frame. However if after diligent efforts to contact you, if we are not able to get a hold of you or your emergency contact, any bird(s) left more than 7 days past the agreed check out date without any communication from the owner(s) will become the property of For The Birds and may be re-homed.

Check in / Check out policy

  • You can check in any time during normal business hours up to one hour before closing. 

  • Check out is before NOON. If you pick up your bird before noon you will not be charged for that day. 

You will be charged for the day your bird checks in regardless of the time you check in and will only be charged for the day your bird checks out if you do not pick it up before noon. If you pick up your bird any time after 12:00 Noon you will be charged full price for the day. 

TOYS: Please make sure you bring toys for your bird to play with to keep them busy during their stay.

FOOD: Please place dry food in an appropriate size tupperware container with a scoop. Let us know how many scoops to give your feathered friend each day. If you have cold food. Place that in a seperate container. MAKE SURE YOUR BIRDS NAMES ARE WRITTEN ON THE CONTAINERS

Boarding rates per bird:

Large Cage: ( Macaws, Cockatoos etc...) - $18

Medium Cage: ( African Grey's, Amazons etc...) - $14

Small Cage: ( Counures, Quakers etc....) - $12

Small birds such as Finches, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parakeets ....) Must be kept in their own cage - $12​

** If you have 2 birds staying in the same cage. The rate is the above rate for the first bird and 1/2 price for the second bird.

For The Birds takes every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of your bird. We are not responsible for any damage, injury or death of your bird while at our facility.